Band Bios...



Pauline  has a long standing musical background which began at 5 years old  singing/harmonizing & playing guitar with her 5 brothers &  sisters in VT.  She’s sung for weddings, cabarets, local rock  shows/coffeehouses, & various styles of bands, and never tires of  trying something new. Her recording & studio experience includes an  original CD with one of her sisters.  After moving to Buffalo in 2004,  she took a taste of the musical flavor here! Previous local bands  include: Psychodelix, Impulse, Naughty Dawg… to name a few. 



Erin  has always loved music, & has been influenced by everything from  Pink Floyd & Ray Lamontagne, to Adele, Melissa Ethridge & Joni  Mitchell.  Surprisingly, she was a late bloomer when it came to  performing.  She started small, singing for churches, coffee houses…   basically anywhere that a song and a smile was needed… slowly turning  those pipes into a well-tuned instrument of power.  And is there ever  POWER.  Though she is new to the stage you’d never know it. Having sung  with Pauline before & knowing the undeniable vocal chemistry between  them, Triple Threat seemed like the perfect place for her to hone her  talent & so far she is taking the stage by storm.  Her fun loving  attitude and smooth sultry voice will wow you, and when she’s around you  will never have to worry about being entertained!



Heather  exudes warmth and a fun-loving nature; Cute to the core & filled  with an endless supply of energy, she is always ready to hit the stage  running & give you a fabulous show.   And is it EVER a FABULOUS  show.  Don’t let her size fool you, she may be little – but her voice is  not.  Smooth and vivacious – you will be entranced by her voice in  minutes and always listening for more.  As a Buffalo native, Heather has  dabbled in a wide variety of musical styles in Western NY, and has a  fondness for too many genres to name here.  She was formerly involved in  Gospel choirs, & an all-female acapella group, and the takeaway  from those experiences was that she realized she absolutely loved  creating and performing harmony.  She also has been involved in main  stream rock bands (most recently – Sudden Urge) and enjoys the edginess  of ripping into a rock tune.  So meeting Triple Threat and realizing she  could fuse together those two things she loves - Belting out Rock AND  creating unique Harmonies – she knew this was her new home, and so did  we. 



Todd,  lead guitarist extraordinaire, has 25 plus years experience in the  Buffalo music scene.  He is known for his attention to detail & his  ability to play whatever the moment inspires at the drop of a hat.  He  has played with too many bands to mention them all, but a few you may  recognize are Ovation, The Psychodelix, McCarthyizm, and Tom Stahl &  the Dangerfields.  He got his start playing in his teens, when he  picked up a guitar "hoping to pick up chicks".  That didn't work...  But  since he already bought the guitar he figured he'd keep playing  anyway.  That turned out to be a good decision, since it led him to play  with Triple Threat; We wouldn't be the same without him.

Craig Weiss



Craig  began playing drums at the age of four, under the watchful eyes and  ears of Johnny Roland, principal percussionist of the Buffalo  Philharmonic Orchestra.  His childhood, exposure to the music of The  Beatles, The Who and Cream fueled his passion for more diverse and  creative forms of rock music.  He was intrigued by the complexities of  the British progressive rock movement, which allowed for more  experimental playing and self-expression.  Listening to the likes of  Emerson Lake and Palmer, King Crimson and Genesis, led him to explore  some of the more instrumental stylings associated with jazz and “jazz  fusion” which is the hybrid of rock and jazz.  The virtuosity displayed  by many of these musicians continues to inspire and influence Craig to  this day.

Craig is also a member of the local progressive rock group “Random Order”.




Mike  was involved in music since the early age of eight playing organ, piano  & trumpet.  His music influences are very diverse, with everything  from Kansas to Avenged Sevenfold & The Rippingtons.   When he was a  sophomore in high school his best friend was putting together a band  that did not have a bassist.  He bought a bass guitar from the  classifieds and was playing in a band the next day.  Ironically he never  played in THAT band.  The group that he did join though played through  high school & reunited much later as In Plain View.  Mike has  thoroughly made up for lost time rocking, and has been playing in &  around WNY over the last few years wherever he gets the chance.  Mike  keeps the bottom end low & mean.